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1. AKC                                          American Kennel Club's Official website.

2. GSCA                                      Our USA based Giant Schnauzer Club. Contains useful breed information and                                                        statistics.

3. Working Reisenschnauzer    The Working ReisenSchnauzer Federation exists to help promote and maintain the                                                        betterment of the Giant Schnauzer.

4. Giant Schnauzer Club           The U.K.'s own Giant Schauzer Club. Keep abreast of Giant Schnauzer events and      

     U.K.                                          sign up to be a member of the club.

5. Valley of the Sun Rescue       Valley of The Sun Giant Schnauzer Rescue. Excellent organization I am personally                                                          familiar with.   

6. Pet Supplies                             Ryan's Pet Supplies

                                                        Revival Animal Health

                                                        Groomer's Choice

7. FDSA                                        Fenzi Dog Sports Academy

8. DogtorJ                                     A truly insightful website for the health of your dog.

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